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Mezger Lodges Wellness

Mezger Lodges Wellness is led by Milou Estelle van de Wal. She is known in the world of wellness, beauty treatments & make-up. In addition, Milou also has a broad product knowledge of the Rituals brand.

"Our treatments give guests the feeling that you can expect when you stay at Domburg: relaxation and well-being. The design of the wellness exudes warmth and luxury and that suits the allure of Mezger Lodges".


Experience the traditional Hammam ritual which is thousands of years old. Total relaxation through age-old techniques, hot water and a special soap massage in a specially equipped room with heated marble treatment tables.

Luxurious Hammam treatment 60 minutes - € 69.50 per treatment

The Hammam de Luxe treatment starts in the steam cabin. The steam cabin ensures that the old and dead skin cells are loosened and the pores in the skin open properly. Then there is a scrub ritual with a special silk exfoliating glove on a heated stone table. After pouring with warm water follows a Hammam massage with traditional soap bag including washing the hair. The special olive soap in combination with water and air releases a large amount of soap bubbles. The masseur squeezes the soap bag above the body, creating a nebulisation of soap. A blanket of soap covers the body to treat the body by hand. Through this session there is a deep relaxation for body and mind. The treatment is concluded in the wellness area with drinking Rituals Hammam mint tea.

You can extend the treatment with a Rhassoul clay treatment, the treatment lasts a total of 75 minutes and amounts to €79.00 per person. The clay packings are applied during the Hammam treatment. The Rhassoul is applied to the face and feet. The clay provides a better blood circulation and has a cleansing effect without drying out. After the application, 15 minutes stay in the steam cabin. Because of the heat, waste products are being 'sucked out' as it were. The minerals, enzymes and trace elements in the clay penetrate deep into the skin and provide fortification, natural rejuvenation and cleansing. The skin gets better blood circulation and feels soft, smooth and super clean afterwards.

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Intense and pure relaxation, for body and mind. With a massage you make your stay even more pleasant. A rested body simply functions better.

Indonesian Back Massage - Pitjit Belakang 30 minutes - € 42.50 per treatment

Is a traditional massage technique from Indonesia. Your back, neck and shoulder blades are massaged firmly with quick grips, which activates the circulation.
Despite the strong massage grips, a pitjit is experienced as relaxing, but can also relieve pain.

Tranquility deep relaxing massage 50 minutes - € 69.50 per treatment

A massage that works on three senses, allowing the treatment for deep relaxation a better night's sleep and deeper sleep. The synergy of a unique composition of essential oils, the Tranquility™ Sound, various massage techniques and the use of soft brushes bring body and soul in a calm, peaceful state.

Himalaya saltmassage 60 minutes - € 74.50 per treatment

An ancient healing ritual that has a positive effect on the health and beauty of the body. The crystal salt from the Himalayan caves dates back to 250 million years ago and has remained intact, giving it an even stronger healing effect. Together with the therapeutic effect of the stones and the massage, it ensures mental and physical vitality.

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Facial treatments

You can experience various delicious facial treatments. Our expert beauticians tailor the treatment completely to your wishes and the characteristics of your skin.

Relaxing face treatment 45 minutes - € 59.50 per treatment

A double hydration for dehydrated skin caused by weather influences. The Brush massage transports the Moringa oil and the Hyaluronic acid deep into the skin, a wonderful relaxing wellbeing facial treatment with cleansing and scrubbing of the skin, removal of imperfections and a comfort touch massage of the face, neck and décolleté to stimulate body and mind. The treatment is concluded with a day care tailored to the skin condition.

Anti aging double peel 45 minutes - € 67.60 per treatment

A treatment that stimulates cell renewal and brightens the complexion of the face, neck and décolleté. Its effectiveness and targeted action are achieved thanks to the double peeling combined with vitamin C.

Relaxing double peel deluxe 65 minuten - € 89.50 per treatment

An anti-aging treatment for the face with cleansing and intensive care of the skin. During this treatment, a fruit acid peel is applied for a cell renewal effect. In addition to a facial massage, a wonderful hand massage is performed. A special mask with active ingredients stimulates the skin. The use of collagen and hyaluronic acid also has a filling effect on this. The treatment is concluded with a day care tailored to the skin condition.

Total body treatment

Not only the face is treated, but also the rest of the body.

Tranquility deep relaxing face & body ritual 75 minutes - € 99.00 per treatment

Enjoy a beneficial treatment through a combination of face and body massage based on special tranquility rituals. Both the face and body are intensely nourished, hydrated and relaxed.

Honey-lavender pack45 minutes - € 64.50 per treatment

The pack is soothing, moisturizing and improves the appearance of the skin.
During this treatment, a scented sea salt is first scrubbed, so that the dead skin cells are removed, the pores are cleaned and the skin's circulation is stimulated. After that, the warm packing is applied over the entire body and covered and the temperature of the warm tables ensures optimal operation of the packing.

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